Well of Stars


These are people who have inspired, supported and otherwise assisted me in creating websites, and I am grateful to all of them. A couple have their own fanlistings, which I have linked to here :)

Carol @ Deep Blue Sky - not only has she made the development of my sites possible by sharing her webspace with me when I wanted to expand, she has been endlessly encouraging and supportive, and willingly puts up with neverending requests to preview layouts and graphics. Her sites have often been an inspiration to me. When I decided to stop lurking and dip my toe into the wider internet community, I had no idea that the owner of the first site where I chose to say hello would become such a wonderful friend.

Ragnhild @ Unseen Radiance - my other great YIM friend and site tester, she is always ready with good advice and opinions when I'm stuck on a graphic. Not to mention the number of times she's provided me with just the image I need from her extensive screencap collection. She is full of original ideas, and a wonderful source of encouragement.

Gina @ Paper Flowers - a very talented and friendly webmiss, her graphics and layouts are one of my sources of inspiration.

Ivana @ Nightingale - it has been inspiring to see how quickly she has developed her skills in graphics and site design. Another talented artist, who is always friendly and encouraging.

Izzy @ Calm Chaos - enthusiastic, fun and full of energy, she never fails to cheer me up. She also seems to have an endless supply of great ideas for her sites, and I'm always curious to see what she'll come up with next!

Jon Harald @ Alqualondë - he is always willing to help, and his explanation of php includes put me on the road to converting my sites to php.

Kristyna @ Laivindie - she is supportive, enthusiastic and creative, and it has been wonderful to see her developing her talents for poetry and graphics. I hope she'll have a site of her own for all her wonderful wallpapers one day.

Louise @ Ship of Dreams - it was her Lord of the Rings wallpaper site that first inspired me to make wallpapers of my own.

Morgan @ Shoreless Skies - she's great fun and full of original and creative ideas - no-one else could have come up with the Double Vision cafe and spa :D; not to mention her wonderful fan videos.

Nadia @ The Butterfly - I have gained so much inspiration from her art since I discovered her site earlier this year. It is truly beautiful. Her tutorials have also been a great help to me in experimenting with new styles of art.

Tinnie @ Hidden Muse - her graphics must be some of the most beautiful online, and have inspired me to experiment with new styles and ideas in my own work. I'll also never forget her generous gift of a skin for the Golden Wood after I gave some little help with her site.

Queenie @ Shooting the Breeze - another talented webmiss, who has always been friendly and supportive. She was even kind enough to build a fanlisting for me *hugs*

and last but not least, my Mum and Dad - Mum for always being interested and encouraging even though the techniques and often the subject matter of my sites are unfamiliar; Dad for setting me off on website creation by introducing me to the basics of html, and continually upgrading my computer.