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Photo-manipulations: Elrond and family

These manipulations of Elrond (from Lord of the Rings) and his family were created for my Elrond site, Shadows of Twilight. Click thumbnails to see full-size images (these open in a new window).

Arwen, Aragorn and Eldarion: "Holding the Future". Added 6/6/05. A creation for another challenge at Heril Elgalad; theme: Aragorn and/or Arwen with Eldarion. The base was an image of Liv Tyler with her baby. (Brushes from Annika von Holdt.)
Arwen: "The Twilight you must also renounce". Added 25/3/05. I created this for a challenge at Heril Elgalad, to create Aragorn and/or Arwen using non-movie images. (Images from GettyImages, brushes from Annika von Holdt.)
The sons of Elrond. Added 04/10/04. My second attempt at creating the twins, again using altered images of a young Hugo Weaving.

Elf Lord and King of Númenor. Added 01/10/04. Another image of Elrond and Elros. I dressed Elros in the coronation robes worn by Aragorn in Return of the King
Elrohir? Added 16/9/04. My friend Isi thought that actor Adam Brody looks rather like an elf, so I used him as a model for one of the twins. This pic is dedicated to her :)
Eärendil. Added 18/6/04. I used an image of Daniel Day-Lewis as the base for this image of Eärendil with the Silmaril on his brow. I merged in elements of Hugo Weaving's face to give him more of a family resemblance to the movie Elrond.
Elladan and Elrohir. Another attempt at merging images; this time I superimposed Elrond and Arwen to create Elrond's twin sons. I was never quite satisfied with the result, and prefer my later version of the twins.
Elrond and Gil-galad. This still isn't quite my image of Gil-galad, but I wanted to clean up and slightly alter the Gil-Galad of the movies, and created a new scene with Elrond.
Elrond and Elros. I manipulated images of a younger Hugo Weaving to create images of Elrond and his brother Elros as young men.
Elrond and Celebrían. This started out life as an image of Aragorn and Arwen. I found an image of Elrond to replace Aragorn, and altered Arwen a little to make her into Celebrían.
Celebrían. This was my first attempt at merging images in a photo-manipulation. I super- imposed images of Cate Blanchett and Liv Tyler, to create a Celebrían who could have been related to the characters in the movies.